-  p r o f e s s i o n a l   v i d e o g r a p h y  -

Specializing in music videography, Huei is a trained musician with a B. Mus degree in classical music performance and composition from McGill University. With an emphasis on contemporary, experimental, and classical music genres, his work spans broad range of studio, on-location and live settings and takes the form of concert documentation, studio capture, music video, and more.


Cafe 1930 - Astor Piazzolla

- studio recording | video capture -
Cello duo recorded at McGill University, performing an arrangement of Astor Piazzolla's "Cafe 1930." Featuring Sahara von Hattenberger and Kendra Grittani.

Black Rabbits Day

- music video -
Collaborative music video as art film for Ruben Dax, a New York-based musician and electronic beats master.  Shot on location in NYC.

Kara Toprak (Black Earth)

 - studio recording | concept video -
Concept video integrating musical performance, poetry, and visual narrative. Produced in residence at The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity for concert pianist Hunter Noack, in collaboration with Stoney Nation Elder Conal Labelle. Studio performance of Fazil Say's "Black Earth" with text by Aşık Veysel.


- studio recording | concept video -
Cinematographic rendering of "Chant," contemporary composition written by renowned composer Ana Sokolović. Filmed at La Plante in Montréal, QC, in collaboration with violinist Andréa Tyniec and pianist Katherine Dowling.

Les Barocudas

- studio recording | concept video -
Baroque music performance of H. I. F. Biber's "The Annunciation" by Montreal-based trio Les Barocudas, set to  music video via historical reenactment. Recorded in Montreal, QC, filmed in Mystic, QC. 

Mark Fewer & David Braid

 - studio recording | video capture -
Juno Award winners violinist Mark Fewer and pianist David Braid perform "Wash Away" (Braid). Captured in the studio.


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Crystalline City
Flora #1