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Huei's writing attempts to capture the beauty of fleeting moments and to find meaning in the mundane. His characters struggle to find their place in a contemporary landscape that feels at once stifling and full of possibility. Impermanence, modern life, and belonging are recurrent themes in his work. In 2019, two of his short stories were selected as semifinalists and finalists in the The William Faulkner Literary Contest and the Ghost Story Supernatural Fiction Award Competition. He published his first full-length book, "Coda," in the spring of 2021 with RCN Media.


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"A tonal tour de force, Coda draws the reader into a range of worlds both magical and sardonic. Within those landscapes, Lin’s stories tackle the fundamental questions of the human artist trying to survive in a society hyper-focused on commerce and appearance, asking how then should we live and where should we place our trust? The result is a powerful debut collection of stories that engage and entertain the reader on every page."


- Derek Hanebury, Best Selling Co-Author of Both Sides Now

"... a thought-provoking poke at our modern world with its thin-skinned veneer.  Will we remember valuable lessons or will we continue to blind ourselves to our realities? ... a brilliant contemporary romp into questions of balance."

- Gail Morton, Author of Two Weeks with Charlie

"Bit of wry and sparkling writing from Huei Lin... More to come from this promising writer, we think."

 -Jacqueline Carmichael, Best Selling Author of Tweets from the Trenches

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